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Announcing the Customer Service Portal

Ever wanted the ability to review your entire SourceGear purchase history at a glance? Or a quick way to find out when your Vault maintenance plan expires, or what it would cost to upgrade your licenses to the latest versions?

We know you do. Here in the SourceGear Sales Department, we get calls with those questions every day. We wondered if there was some way to make these things easier for our customers (thus clearing some time for a few more sessions of Guitar Hero in the break room), and brought it up at a Staff meeting a few weeks ago.

Then a strange thing happened. Eric Sink, our company founder, went into some kind of Zen trance. He got up abruptly and left the meeting, went back to his office, and closed the door.

A few weeks later he emerged, announcing the creation of the SourceGear Customer Service Portal (or CSP, for short).

CSP, Eric explained, was a way for customers to do all the things we'd asked for and much more. He demonstrated that, for the first time, customers could inventory all SourceGear products registered to them, merge and manage their license records, get pricing on maintenance and new licenses, set their e-mail preferences, and much more -- all from their desktop. Then he went home and slept for three days.

Since then we've learned for ourselves just how powerful CSP really is. Since its launch last month, many SourceGear customers have already logged in to CSP to quickly and easily update their maintenance plans, merge Vault license records, review their complete Order History, get trial versions of new products, purchase new licenses, and more.

Why not try it out for yourself? Visit us at:

There's no login or password to remember... simply enter your email address and CSP will immediately send you a message containing a login link.

Got a suggestion on how to improve the Portal? We'd love to hear it. Drop me a note at

Just don't suggest anything likely to trigger another Zen trance.

Now if you'll excuse me, my band mates await me in Guitar Hero.

Warm regards,

- John

John O'Neill
VP of Sales