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The Evil Mastermind, Issue #2

John Woolley, Art Director

Our second comic book is complete and will make its debut June 3rd at TechEd 2008 - Developer’s week where SourceGear will be a sponsor. If you will not be able to attend TechEd this year, or if you just want a sneak peak, you can download PDFs of both comics here

If you haven’t seen our ads recently and are completely confused as to why we would spend precious company time making comic books, you are not alone. Make sure you read the “Letters to the Editor” page in the back of issue #2. However, if you have seen our ads and just think we’re a bit off of our rockers for spending precious company time making comic books, be sure you read the “Letters to the Editor” page in the back of issue #2.

In the first comic, The Evil Mastermind - Objective: World Domination, we intentionally kept the story completely devoid of any reference to SourceGear or SourceGear products. It was purely for your entertainment, though we did include a couple of data sheets in the back, after the story was finished. In this second issue, we decided to try to inject a small (extremely small) bit of actual product information, as well as poke a bit of fun at ourselves. “Ourselves” being, mostly, our CEO Mr. John O’Neill. In all fairness, though, he is really easy to poke fun at. I mean, really… Have you read his article in this newsletter?

The story in issue #2 centers around John, who has been sent on a SourceGear sales call to meet with the Evil Mastermind at Big Evil Corp. Headquarters as seen on the page below.

Issue 2, Page 1

Even though issue #2 is a few pages shorter than the previous one, we are extremely pleased with the way it turned out. So, after you have read it through, if you aren’t yet completely sure WHY A COMIC BOOK, be sure you read the “Letters to the Editor” page in the back of the book.