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Life is Short. Upgrade to Vault 4.1, and then Go Fishing.

John O’Neill, CEO

Life is short. Too short to waste without the latest Vault features.

As someone who pays attention to today’s real issues, it’s very clear to me that what the world truly needs is a greater appreciation of the fragile nature of our global environment, better education, and fully-supported .NET and Java APIs.

We’ve addressed one of those three critical steps towards a better future with Vault 4.1, and frankly, that’s not bad.

The truth is that here at SourceGear, we listen to our customers. Why? Well, because they’re loud, and they keep calling us. And what they tell us is that they want Visual Studio 2008 support. And world peace. We’ve pulled out all the stops to deliver both in a single compact package with Vault 4.1. [Note: Vault 4.1 does not actually have any world peace features. At all. - Eric]

What else is new in Vault 4.1?

  • Vault Power Toys
  • Ant Tasks
  • Java Command Line Client
  • VS Enhanced Context Menus
  • Enhanced performance for many large projects
  • Better progress indicators in the VS Enhanced client
  • and more

Best of all, Vault 4.1 is a free upgrade for users with Vault 4.0 - or any user with a current Vault maintenance agreement. Plus, in lab tests it has demonstrated improved gas mileage, and greatly decreased greenhouse gas emissions. [Has John even checked the feature list? Does he have any idea what our product does? - Eric]

If you have Vault 4.0, it’s easy to upgrade. You can download and install 4.1 at

That’s all there is to it. Your existing license key will work with the new client.

If you’re interested in purchasing an upgrade to 4.1 from an older version of Vault, just log in to the SourceGear Customer Service Portal

While you’re there, you also can review your complete order history, set your notification preferences, get price quotes on upgrades and new licenses, and even contribute to the SourceGear “Save The Whales” fund [No, you can’t. - Eric]

Life is short. Upgrade to Vault 4.1. And then go fishing. Because it’s the right thing to do.