Vault Pricing

To purchase Vault, login to the SourceGear Store.


Both Vault Professional and Standard are priced on the basis of “one active named user account.” For each active login on your Vault Pro or Vault Std server, you need one user license. The base prices for these licenses are:

New License Pricing
Product Price Description
Vault Professional 7.x $449 Allows access to all features of Vault Professional
Vault Professional 7.x


+ $90 One year of product maintenance*
Vault Professional 7.x

Web Only

$169 Allows access to the Vault Professional server only through a web browser.
This type of license is intended for team members who do not need IDE integration and version control features.

See our comparison of Vault Standard, Pro and Pro Web-Only features.

Vault Professional 7.x

Web Only Maintenance

+ $34 One year of product maintenance*.
Vault Standard 7.x $349 Latest release of SourceGear Vault
Vault Standard 7.x


+ $70 One year of product maintenance*

Upgrade Pricing
From To Per-User Cost One Year of Maintenance *
Vault Standard 6.x Vault Standard 7.x $149 + $70
Vault Standard 1.x - 5.x Vault Standard 7.x $199 + $70
Fortress, Vault Pro 6.x Vault Professional 7.x $199 + $90
Fortress, Vault Pro 6.x


Vault Professional 7.x


$100 + $34
Vault Standard 7.x Vault Professional 7.x $100 + $90
Vault Standard 1.x - 6.x Vault Professional 7.x $199 + $90

Users with annual maintenance are eligible for a free upgrade. Vault 7 requires new license keys; to claim your new license key log in to the SourceGear Customer Service Portal, select “Purchase,” and add your free upgrade to your cart.

Maintenance must be current at time of release.

  • *Maintenance is purchased per-user, for one year at a time. Maintenance provides technical support and free upgrades for one year, even across major version releases.

Volume Pricing for Vault 7.x
Quantity Vault Standard Vault Professional Vault Pro
Web Only
First 4 licenses (1 - 4) $349.00 each $449.00 each $169
Next 5 licenses (5 - 9) $314.10 each $404.10 each $152.10
Next 15 licenses (10 - 24) $279.20 each $359.20 each $135.20
Next 75 licenses (25 - 99) $261.75 each $336.75 each $126.75
Additional licenses (100+) $244.30 each $314.30 each $118.30
Volume discounts apply to all licenses purchased in a single transaction. Prior license purchases are not included for volume discounting purposes.


A purchase of 7 Vault Standard licenses would be priced as follows:

  • 4 licenses at $349.00 each
  • 3 licenses at $314.10 each
  • Total: $2338.30

A purchase of 62 Vault Professional licenses would be priced as follows:

  • 4 licenses at $449.00 each
  • 5 licenses at $404.10 each
  • 15 licenses at $359.20 each
  • 38 licenses at $336.75 each
  • Total: $22,000.50