Vault 7 includes many exciting new features requested by our customers.

Vault 7 includes:

  • Support for Visual Studio 2013
  • Integration with Visual Studio 2013 is officially supported.

  • Support on Microsoft's latest operating systems
  • Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2013

New Source Code Control Features:

  • Folder Changes Archive
  • Want to get just the files that were modified after a certain date? Or perhaps you need to get files that have changed after a label -- use the Folder Changes Archive feature. Folder Changes Archive creates a .zip file containing only files changed in a given date or label range.

  • Merge Branches Auto Advance
  • You can now run merge branches with fewer steps. Skip the informational dialogs that don't require input!

  • Copy Label
  • Copy Label creates a copy of an existing file or folder label. This allows you to promote labels and maintain your code at a certain state, but still continue to promote the contents.

Folder Changes

Folder Changes Archive

Merge Branches

Merge Branches

Copy Label

Copy Label


Vault 7 includes a framework for generating and viewing reports based on source control or work item data. Built-in reports include analyses of security and activity for both work items and source control.

Need a quick overview of recent activity and checkouts in the repository? Use Vault SourceCode Control reports. Vault Pro Work Item reports provide infromation on time tracking, milestones and work items in your Work Item project. You can save report results in Excel, Word or PDF formats for further analysis.

Source Control

Source Control Reports

Work Item

Work Item Reports

Vault 7 Professional also includes improvements in the following areas:

Custom Work Item Fields

Custom Work Item Fields allow administrators to create various types of custom data input elements for work items.
Create new work item fields or modify Vault Professional system fields to meet the needs of your development team.

Custom Fields

Copy Label

Work Item Form Layout Design

Vault 7 Professional's Work Item Form Layout Designer gives administrators control of the appearance of work item forms. Administrators can remove unused fields, add custom fields, and modify the field order and layout of the work item form.

Form Layout Design

Form Layout Design

Work Item Relationships

Support has been added for relationships between work items, including "duplicate," "related to," and "depends on."
Within a work item, you can add links to other related work items. For instance, one work item might need to be updated before another work item can be addressed.

Improved Work Item Changeset Associations

Changesets may now be associated with work items from the work item page as well as from the commit dialog.
If you didn't associate a work item when you checked in your code, you can now create the association after the checkin.

Improved UI

  • The Web UI has been streamlined to use a dashboard-like view
  • The GUI client now features a more customizable interface, with dockable views for Pending changes, Messages, Search, and Find in Files, and others.
  • The work item interface within the GUI client has been redesigned to be more intuitive.

Customized Interface

Customized Interface

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