File Panels

In the center of File Diff and Merge Windows DiffMerge displays 2 or 3 files in a series of File Panels. Each panel looks like a basic text editor window with a few differences.

  • A Panel Label is drawn above the panel. This may contain the pathname of the file or a symbolic name describing the version of the file.

  • Line Numbers are optionally displayed next to each line of the file.

  • Invisible characters such as whitespace and line terminators are optionally displayed using special symbols.

  • Bold Underlined Text is use to indicate edited text.

  • An Edited Line Indicator (*) is drawn in the line number area for edited lines.

  • A Void is drawn using a shaded, diagonal hatch pattern to indicate missing lines. This is shown in Showing Changes.

  • Changes are drawn in color. This is explained in Showing Changes.

  • A Gap is drawn to indicate hidden lines. This is illustrated in the Display Mode and Hiding Omitted Lines.