Release 4.0.0 - June 2013

This is the 4.0.0 release of SourceGear DiffMerge. It is available here.

Core Changes in 4.0.0:

  • Upgrade build to use wxWidgets version 2.9.4. The previous release used version 2.8.12.
  • Added code to check our website for the availability of a newer release of DiffMerge. This will happen approximately once a week. You can force a check immediately using the Tools | Check for Updates... menu item. If a newer release is available, a dialog will appear with instructions for downloading and installing it.
  • Remove the bundled "MoveFromSourceGear" html content from the distribution and the Help | About SourceGear menu item. They were replaced with the Tools | Visit SourceGear menu item which opens a browser to a page on our website describing SourceGear and other available products. This allows us to more easily provide current information and do promotional offerings.
  • Added an optional registration mechanism for DiffMerge. This includes the Tools | Registration... and Tools | Register... dialogs. See the chapter on Registration for more details.
  • W4316: Create editor temp files in a system temp directory rather than in the source directory. This helps keep things tidy, avoids problems when comparing files on a read-only filesystem, and avoids non-standard layout complaints from Eclipse.
  • G9739: Fixed the .DS_Store filtering problem. Added set of filename filters (in addition to the existing suffix filers) that filter on the whole filename. They can also use wildcards.
  • W1671: Allow case-insensitive sorting and matchup in Folder Window. This feature was already present in the Windows version.
  • W9438: Allow whitespace and wildcards in the sub-folder filter patterns.
  • W2848: Added option to ignore case when using folder filter patterns.
  • W8032, 15146: Fixed a problem where the Folder Window would mark a pair of files as different which should have been marked equivalent. This happened when there was a change within consecutive omitted lines.
  • W0581: Disable the OK button in the File | Open ... dialogs until all of the fields name valid files/folders.
  • W8795: Added section on GIT integration to the manual.
  • Created "webhelp" version of manual for the website and added Help | Online Help... Menu command to open it.
  • Removed the splash screen on startup and deprecated the "--nosplash" command line argument.

Changes in 4.0.0 for Linux:

  • W2655: Force cursor and scroll position to top of Support Dialog when opened.
  • G9660: Fix default wildcard pattern (from "*.*" to "*") that was passed to the stock File Open dialog. This was preventing the selection of files without suffixes.
  • Added section on using our APT repository on Ubuntu and Mint to the manual.

Changes in 4.0.0 for Windows:

  • W7021: Added auto-complete to the File | Open ... dialogs.
  • W6778: Better support of Windows Shortcuts .lnk files in Folder Windows. Previous versions would incorrectly try to expand the shortcut target and use the target string in the Folder Window row. This caused problems when the target was an unavailable network share or a printer... This release does not attempt to dereference shortcuts, not even to see if a pair points to the same thing. It just lists them as links with the .lnk suffix (which Windows Explorer hides). A future release will address comparing link targets and/or matchup with a possible peer without the .lnk suffix.
  • W5971, W6608: Disallow Windows Shortcuts .lnk files on the command line and in the File | Open ... dialogs. Again, this release does not attempt to dereference shortcuts. The changes here are to prevent DiffMerge from trying to open the .lnk file as a plain file and then complaining when the UNICODE import fails. A future release will address dereferencing link targets.
  • W7816: Added to the distribution. This is a cygwin bash shell script wrapper to translate cygwin-style pathnames to dos-style pathnames and then invoke DiffMerge. See the section on Git Under Cygwin and Mercurial Under Cygwin for more information.
  • Added section to manual for Mercurial under Cygwin.
  • Added section to manual for VSS.

Changes in 4.0.0 for OS X:

  • The upgrade to wxWidgets version 2.9.4 allowed us to convert from Carbon to Cocoa system libraries. This gives DiffMerge a more modern look and feel, such as being able to resize a window from any edge rather than just the bottom right corner.
  • The upgrade to the Cocoa system libraries allowed us to offer both 32- and 64-bit Intel versions. Previous releases were limited to 32-bits because of our dependency on Carbon. This version of DiffMerge is built as a Universal binary, so both Intel versions are contained within the same application executable.
  • W2119: Added support for Retina Display
  • W7615: Fixed ugly, ugly, ugly hack to try to raise the initial window when launched from the Terminal using the DiffMerge executable directly rather than the application bundle.