The Toolbar

The toolbar above the File Diff/Merge Windows presents the following commands. Some appear only in File Merge Windows.

From left to right, these are:

View | Show All, View | Show Differences Only, and View | Show Differences with Context set the line display mode.


View | Show Line Numbers and View | Show Invisibles control the visibility of line numbers and whitespace and line terminator characters.


View | Split Windows Vertically and View | Split Windows Horizontally control whether the file panels are side-by-side or above-and-below.


File | Save File


Edit | Cut, Edit | Copy, and Edit | Paste


Edit | Undo and Edit | Redo


Apply Change from Left and Apply Change from Right apply the current change to the editable file.


Edit | Next Change and Edit | Previous Change move the cursor to the next and previous changes.


Edit | Next Conflict and Edit | Previous Conflict move the cursor to the next and previous conflicts.


Edit | Merge to Center performs Auto-Merge.