Filename Filters

DiffMerge can filter out temporary, binary, and other machine-generated files that are normally produced as a by-product of software development. This section handles filtering out various files.

The first text field contains a list of suffixes that should be excluded, such as EXE and DLL. When DiffMerge sees a file with one of these suffixes during the file system scan, it skips it completely.

The second text field contains a list of filenames that should be excluded. Items in this list can contain simple glob-style wildcards, such as "*.dll".

The first field is preserved for historical reasons; the wildcard matching now provided by the second field completely eliminates the need for the first field.

Items in both lists are delimited by whitespace, commas, or semicolons. If you need to add a pattern with one of those characters, surround the entire pattern in double quotes. To include a double quote within a filename, double it.