Release 4.2.0 - October 2013

This is the 4.2.0 release of SourceGear DiffMerge. It is available here.

Core Changes in 4.2.0:

  • Added HTML and Text export of file and folder differences to a file.
  • Added new "Export" menu hierarchy.
  • Improved visibility of the selected change within File Diff and Merge windows. Solid side bars are now drawn in addition to the dotted lines and the color was changed to use the selection highlight background color.
  • Added "-ignore_unimportant" option to the command line interface.
  • Added a "quick match" feature to the Folder Window. This is an approximation intended for extremely large media files. If the files are the same size, they are assumed to be equal. These are marked with a "qm" icon rather than the regular "==" icon.
  • Changed Folder Window to use a background thread to scan and compare the contents of the folders. Added a per-window progress bar.
  • Remember details from Page Setup Dialog between runs.
  • Enable SWAP button in all uses of 2-way Open Dialog. Previously this was only visible when the dialog was initiated by Windows Explorer integration.
  • Enable Drag-and-Drop onto DiffMerge File and Folder Windows. These windows now respond to Drop messages and will attempt to open a new window with the dropped files. Only the first 2 items in the drop are recognized and the Open Dialog will be raised first to let you verify the order of the items.
  • Moved the functionality provided by the Find and Go To Line dialogs to a set of controls on the File Window.
  • Have additional fall-back named character encodings in Ruleset.
  • The Folder Window would sometimes not respect the "Allow Default Ruleset" settings when comparing files.
  • Fixed text limit when pasting into the Registration Dialog.
  • Fixed display of omitted lines immediately adjacent to differences in diffs-with-context mode interactively and when exporting unified format output.
  • Cleaned up error message thrown when trying to open binary files.
  • W9384: Upgraded to wxWidgets 3.0.0-rc1 from 2.9.5.

Changes in 4.2.0 for Linux:

  • No Linux specific changes.

Changes in 4.2.0 for Windows:

  • Added Drag-and-Drop onto text fields within Open Dialog. The change in 4.0 to make those fields auto-complete on Windows broke Drop support.
  • Fixed Paste in file windows to respect the line endings (EOLs) of the destination file.
  • Fixed occasional hang seen on Windows when closing last window and error messages seen when repeatedly clicking on close button while in the hung state.

Changes in 4.2.0 for OS X:

  • Finder integration.
    • DiffMerge should now appear in Finder's Open with context menu and the Finder | Services menu when an appropriate file or folder is selected.
    • You should also be able to drop items onto the DiffMerge icon in the Dock.
    • Only the first 2 selected or dropped items are recognized and the Open Dialog will be raised first to let you verify the order of the items.
    • You may have to log out and back in before these appear.
  • Fixed the Edit | Find, Edit | Find Next, Edit | Find Previous, and Edit | Use Selection for Find, commands to use the system-wide search text. This is a follow-on to S3363 and allow Command+E and Command+G to work between apps using the NSFindPboard facility.
  • Fixed problems with keyboard input and interactive editing in a file diff or merge window when entering composed characters. The typical use for this is to enter accented characters in European languages using various "dead char" sequences.
  • Set wxWINDOW_VARIANT_SMALL propery on windows and dialogs so that controls and fonts look more natural.
  • Fixed initial position of Print Preview Windows. Sometimes they would initially appear with the title bar offscreen, which made them difficult to move or close. This was observed on multiple monitor systems.
  • Updated code to populate menu bar so that Folder Windows only have folder-related items and File Windows only have file-related items. When the original OS X menu bar code was written there was a problem with changing menu bars once populated (such as when going from an empty window to one with either a file or folder pair), so the menu was created with all menu items and half of them grayed. This has been fixed and now the menu content behaves like it does on the other platforms.