The Toolbar

The toolbar above the Folder Diff Window presents the following icons.

From left to right, these are:

View | Compare Selected Files and View | Compare Selected Folders open the selected pair of items in a File Diff or Folder Diff Window.


View | Show Equal shows/hides (byte-for-byte) identical files and shortcuts.


View | Show Equivalent Files shows/hides files that have minor differences (such as in whitespace), but are otherwise effectively “equivalent”. Equivalence settings are set in the Options Dialog.


View | Show Quick-Match Files shows/hides items that were marked equivalent using Quick Match Mode. This mode only looks at file size.


View | Show Peerless shows/hides items (files, folders, and shortcuts) that are only present in one of the 2 folders.


View | Show Folders shows/hides sub-folders present in both folders.