Release 4.1.0 - August 2013

This is the 4.1.0 release of SourceGear DiffMerge. It is available here.

Core Changes in 4.1.0:

  • W9384: Upgraded to wxWidgets 2.9.5 from 2.9.4.
  • W0972, W3075, W3131: Changed the various folder window show/hide buttons to be per-window rather than global. Changed the show/hide peerless button to include peerless folders and shortcuts.
  • W2899, W2646: Simplified (somewhat) the folder window coloring. Got rid of a few colors and softened a few default colors.
  • W2256, W6645, W9218: Added various View | Export Window commands to folder windows. These allow you to export either a text summary or a CSV file of the changes in the 2 folders to a file or to the clipboard. These commands replace the original File | Save As which always wrote CSV to a file.
  • W6338, W8240: Added ability to compare 2 folders and summarize the differences to a file directly from the command line.
  • W0840, W2194, W5681, W7540: Added Copy Left to Right, Copy Right to Left, and recursive versions to folder window. For peerless items, these will clone the item in the other tree. For file pairs, these will overwrite the destination version.
  • W8005, W7540: On Linux and Mac: Support for symlinks as first-class items in folder windows. Symlinks are now identified (rather than implicitly dereferencing the target) and are given a unique icons and status. Status is computed strictly on the symlink's target pathname. (Do the pair of symlinks refer to the same absolute or relative path, rather than comparing the referenced files/folders?) Double-clicking on a symlink raises the Symlink Details Dialog.
  • W8005: Annotate symlink line items on Linux and Mac with trailing "@" and shortcuts on Windows with trailing "^" in folder window.
  • W5983: Updated Linux/Mac manpage to note that "--nosplash" is deprecated.
  • W0290: Added "Command+U / Ctrl+U" accelerator bound to "Show/Hide Unimportant Differences".
  • S3363: Added Edit | Use Selection for Find command ("Command+E / Ctrl+E"). This command allows you to use the Find Next and Find Previous commands without needing to raise the Find Dialog. This feature is available on all platforms, but is intended to emulate a somewhat hidden feature in OS X. DiffMerge currently does not access the system-wide/global/shared find-string, so Find Next and Find Previous commands within DiffMerge will only use the last search string set with Command+F or Command+E within DiffMerge; DiffMerge will not see a find-string set with Command+E by or, for example.
  • S3363: The Find Dialog's find-string is no longer persisted between DiffMerge invocations. The goal is to later get the initial value for the dialog from any system-wide setting from the last application to do a Find rather than a DiffMerge-only value.
  • W0886, W6312: New icons for line items within the Folder Window.
  • P7454: Fixed handling of ESCape key. Prior to 4.0, the ESCape key could be used to close a file or folder window. This stopped working in 4.0.

Changes in 4.1.0 for Linux:

  • W9818: The 4.0 release with wxWidgets 2.9.4 would occasionally print a "GLib-CRITICAL" message on the console when the PRINT button was pressed on the Print Preview window. This has been fixed in the 2.9.5 release of wxWidgets.
  • W8669: Fixed certain accelerator key keybindings in File Windows.

Changes in 4.1.0 for Windows:

  • W2593: Improved support for Windows shortcuts .lnk files in folder windows. The folder window will now compare the contents of a pair of shortcuts for equality. This is a binary/raw comparison to see if the links have identical content (target, working directory, arguments, etc); it does not attempt to dereference the targets.
  • W3459: Updated folder window printing for the above shortcuts changes.
  • W3747, W5281, W7281, W9346, W4964, W2917: Added Shortcut Details dialog. Folder windows now allow right-click or double-click on Windows shortcut .lnk rows and have a View | Shortcut Details... menu command. These will raise a dialog showing the contents of the shortcuts (target, working directory, arguments, icon, etc). For shortcut pairs that have file or folder targets, this dialog contains a button to open a file or folder window to compare them. (This button isn't present when the target refers to a printer, for example.)
  • W9103: Allow Windows shortcut .lnk files on the command line and automatically dereference them and open a file or folder window on their targets.

Changes in 4.1.0 for OS X:

  • W7716: Fixed crash when using PageUp/PageDown keys when caret was offscreen.
  • W0394: Fixed Control+Mouse bindings in file windows which allow you to select a single line within a multi-line change. There were changes in wxWidgets from 2.8.* to 2.9.* affecting how modifier keys are handled that were not properly addressed in the 4.0 release.
  • W0394, W2624: Fixed/Updated navigation key bindings (Left, Right, Up, Down, PageUp, PageDown, Home, End) to account for changes in how modifier keys are handled in wxWidgets 2.9.*. Prior to 4.0, we used Ctrl+ and Ctrl+Option+ in some bindings. These were inadvertently changed to Command+ and Command+Option+ in 4.0 with the wxWidgets functionality changes. But there were a few bindings that didn't work. For the 4.1 release, I've explicitly fixed all the bindings to use Command+ and Command+Option+ keys and updated the various tooltips.
  • W5099: Fixed problem with Cut/Copy/Paste that would happen when a modeless dialog (such as Find or GoTo Line) was open.
  • W0058: Fixed problem with Command+ keys inserting the key into the window when that command was disabled in the menu.
  • W9586: Fixed problem with keyboard input and interactive editing in a file window when using a Russian (non-English) keyboard. (There are still problems with obscure Ctrl+ keys and AltGr sequences on any keyboard layout, but this should fix the problems with Russian keyboard layouts not working at all.)
  • W4387: Fixed 2 finger horizontal scrolling in file windows.